March 5, 2020

Best Proven Steps To Fix Arlo Camera Error 201

Arlo Camera Error 201

Do you face an error with Arlo Camera? Don’t stress out; we have collected information for Arlo camera common issues. Here we are highlighting the solution guide to fix Arlo Camera Error 201.

Define the meaning of error 201

Arlo Camera Error 201 error message hit when the Arlo security camera failed to connect with the base station. Another reason for not connecting to the base station is a network failure issue. Most of the Arlo Camera is utilizing TCP port 80, and we have seen many organizations or offices block this port. So if anyone is using the Arlo camera in the office and this error, then you should ask the IT guy to look after the problem and unlock the port.

But if this Arlo Camera Error 201 comes at your home, then you should inspect the installed firewall software on your PC. Ensure that the available firewall software is not blocking the TCP port 80. If you want to unblock the port, you should visit the official Arlo Netgear website and follow their guidelines

When you are about to add or configuring an Arlo security camera to your PC, it might be unsuccessful to sync with your base station. Without syncing the base station to the Arlo camera, your device will not be able to identify an Arlo camera. You need to read these simple steps to rectify this issue.

Troubleshooting methods of Arlo Camera Error 201

Arlo Camera error 201

There is a need to connect Arlo camera to the base station properly
It would be best if you put your camera near to the base station (not more than 3 feet distance)

Ensure that while you are performing the sync process, the camera is close to the base station. The sync procedure will not work if the camera distance is very far from the base station.

Now follow these instructions for the status LED(s):

The single LED base station doesn’t require pressing sync options. In case of the Blue LED light flashes quickly, your base station is syncing with the Arlo camera.

The multi-LED smart hub or base station requires pressing sync options. The LED of the camera is quickly lightening in Green then the base station syncing process is going on.

Important note: Don’t press the sync option for too long; it will result in amber LED. It can block the syncing process for 15 minutes, and then you will have to wait for 15 minutes and a person sync procedure again.

Users who have Arlo Ultra camera doesn’t need to click on the sync option. The Blue LED light indicates the camera is syncing with the base station.

Customer using Arlo Wire-free, Arlo Go camera, Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free, Arlo Pro Wire-Free, or then press the sync option. The Blue LED indicates that the syncing process between the base station and the camera is happening.

There is a requirement of the repetition of the above-mentioned steps until the syncing process is not completed.

Note: Make sure you are syncing one camera at one time

The reason for the camera is not syncing with the Base station.

Inspect the battery
Ensure that the camera battery is fully charged. Low batteries will obstruct the syncing process between the Arlo camera and base station. The battery show orange color if the battery is low

You can check your battery status via

• Go to Arlo app and log in to your account
• Go to the setting option
• The battery status will appear on the device setting dashboard
• Click on setting button
• Inspect the status of the base station
If your base station is not visible, then you need to add the base station to your device prior syncing process. In the absence of your base station, the camera failed to sync.

To check your Smart Hub or base station status:
• Check base station status:
• Login to the Arlo account
• Go to Settings > My Devices.
• Click on Choose your base station
• You will see the base station settings

These troubleshooting steps will help in eradicating the possibility of Arlo Camera Error 201 because of failed syncing of the Arlo camera and base station.

Despite trying all the troubleshooting methods, you are still not able to sync your Arlo camera to the base station; then, you should visit Arlo customer support and interact with an accredited Netgear engineer.

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