November 20, 2018

Learn to Sync and Complete Your Arlo Camera Setup

Arlo Camera Setup

Let’s Introduce Arlo Camera Setup

At present, campus security is the primary concern, and the security camera is one of the best solutions for this. Ever since people started deploying security cameras, the crime rate has decreased. There are a lot of security camera manufacturers in the current market and offer a different set of features to meet the user’s requirements. The Netgear Arlo Security camera is one of the best security cameras, and it distinguishes itself with distinctive features among others; It is powerful in performance and is suitable for home and business premises. In this guide, we are considering how to set up my Arlo camera from scratch.
Before Arlo camera setup, the following points need to keep in mind:

  • There should be no interruption between the base station and the Arlo camera
  • The distance between the router and the base stations should not exceed 40 meters.
  • If you have more than one router close to the base station, you may experience a WiFi collision. Always keep the base station away from other WiFi devices.

How to setup and sync my Arlo pro or pro 2 wire free cameras?

Note 1 : If you sync your arlo pro or pro 2 cameras through an arlo base station, then arlo pro and pro 2 cameras will be able to access features of arlo pro and pro 2 .

Note 2: Sync One camera at a time.

Here, in this blog, we are describing Arlo Camera Setup. If you’ve queries or some details are not understood to you, please reach us via chat or email.

Well! Let’s tell you steps needed for configuration of arlo wire-free camera Arlo Pro, Pro 2.

Steps for Arlo Camera Setup and Sync

Well, you must understand that the Arlo camera will work when it gets synced with the Arlo base station. When the Arlo camera connects with the base station, then it will work accurately. The internet connectivity passes to the base station to help users get benefits. The fantastic Arlo camera device is safeguarding people’s property. But some rare people understand the technicalities behind the Arlo camera setup. Professional Netgear people help the user to configure the camera so that they can get the maximum benefits of the camera. Not just installation, but as a technological device, the Arlo camera also gets issues in which users feel clueless. There are several tutorials and instructions available on the internet for solutions. Users can try them, or they can directly interact with authorized people. The central idea of the Arlo camera is to give full video coverage of activities happening in the desired location. Though the Arlo camera setup and syncing process are simple, you must read the instructions carefully. If users can understand guidelines to install, configuration, and syncing process of the Arlo camera, then they can do this process without hassle. However, it is also recommended to get the help of expert people who have experience and knowledge about the subject.

  1. Unlock the battery compartment by sliding & holding latch

Arlo set up

2. Slide back the door of battery & then lift it up for an opening compartment.

3. After that insert batteries & as displayed in the image. After that close door of the battery.

Insert Battery

4. Place & adjust the camera between the distance ranging from one to three feet of the base station. ( 30 to 100 centimeters)

5. Sync camera to arlo base station- It is an important step for Arlo Camera Setup.

  • If you use arlo base station, then press the “sync” button on the base station for almost two seconds. After that release the button.
  • If you use arlo pro base station, then press button located on the top of the base station for almost two seconds. Then release button.

6. Next, wait for sync status LED to light green.

7. Press on top button on the camera for two seconds & then release it. (Keep one thing in mind that one camera must be synchronized at a single point of time. If you see blue color led blinking speedily, it means the camera is synced. Otherwise, the amber color LED light blink means, synchronization isn’t successful. Try again in such condition.

Synchronize Arlo Wire-Free CamerasA blue LED on the camera blinks rapidly to confirm sync.

8. After that check camera on the base station of LED. ( If LED of the camera on base station lights dark green, it signifies that sync process is complete)

9. Repeat process of each step mentioned above with every camera.

Keep in Mind: If you don’t complete sync process within the short time period of 60 seconds. Other than this, sync button on base station & then try again.


Hope, steps to Arlo Camera Setup, and configuration procedure described by us are completely understood to you. In order to make it easy for users to understand each, & every aspect of the business. For more query & confusion, give ring giving ring at Arlo Camera Tech Support Phone Number. Arlo experts will guide you better, and let you know all the significant steps needed for configuration of cameras.
Also, keep visiting our blogs time to time to keep yourselves updated with such kind of arlo camera issues.


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