December 3, 2018

Create a Custom Mode via Arlo Support to Enable Cross-Triggering For Arlo Pro Camera

Arlo Camera Support

Know Method To Set-up The Cross-Triggering Between Arlo Camera & Arlo Light

In today’s time, everyone has a busy life – it seems to impossible to “stay” in one place for security purposes. Therefore, Netgear launches Arlo Security Camera to meet your security needs. Therefore, with Arlo Pro Security Camera, you can keep your home safe without any security concerns. Plus, you can watch the security video on your device, at any time from anywhere. If you are interested to know more about this security camera, then join Arlo Camera Support. The support team is always ready to provide the relevant information. If you are the new user of this security camera, then the executives will let you know about the new updated features.

Today’s we are going to discuss how to set-up the cross-triggering between Arlo security camera & Arlo Security Lights. Also, you have other option to take more details, join Arlo Support. All those people, who are a user of this camera, now they can create the mode so that, allows light or camera to do several tasks (different actions & alerts). By configuring a single Arlo camera in cross-triggering mode, you are able to start the work of several devices through a device trigger.

For setting up the Arlo Cameras & lights to trigger, you need to follow the below steps and take more help via Arlo Support or Arlo Tech support.

Know- how to create the custom mode with cross-triggering:-

● First steps, install the Arlo application & sign-in your Arlo account at
● Now, you need to click on the mode.
● Then, you have to click on the bridge which is already connected to the light for which you require to set-up cross triggering.
● Again click on the add a mode, then enter the name to the mode & tap on next.
● After that, you need to click on the lights of the camera for choosing it as a trigger device to the role. And again tap on next.
(note:-Trigger device sense motion or sound & triggers another device to perform an action.)
● Now, you need to move the slider for setting-up the trigger device’s motion or audio sensitivity. Click on next.
● The trigger detects device speed or sound when you choose another device that you want to take an action. (If you want to add many action devices, then take Arlo Support. The support team will let you know to complete this process and then edit the mode).
● Also, you need to click on “next” option.

You need to follow some more steps for creating the triggering mode

● Choose the action, which you need to take an active device and click next or you should join www arlo com support
(For the light, you need to choose the Light option on the Light icon or click on nothing option. For cameras, you need to select to record video or do nothing. You need to click on the pencil icon and click on the next button to start the action or edit settings like brightness and duration).
● Choose the notifications which alert notification you want to receive.
● When you do choose the email alerts, then you need to save the email address.
● Now, you should review all the summary of settings & click on the save button.

Follow the additional steps to add supplementary action devices: –

● First, you need to click on the pencil icon from the mode menu. Next click on the mode which you just created.
● After that, click on the pencil icon or edit button next to the rule which you have created.
● Again you need to click on the device & choose the further action device.
● At the last, click on the save.

Hopefully, the mentioned above information will quite beneficial for you. Still, you want to get more information regarding set-up the cross-triggering between Arlo Camera & Arlo Light. Then, join Arlo Camera Support. The support team of Arlo security cameras is always ready to provide the relevant help.

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