January 19, 2019

Know Distinctive Features of Various Arlo Camera Versions. A Quick Overview

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Arlo cameras by Netgear are one of the feasible means to interact with people across the premises. Via different arlo versions and products, Netgear is slowly and steadily accomplishing its objective to deliver complete security solution to both homes as well as business premises. However, there is a provision of online technical assistance via toll-free Arlo Customer Service Number. Phone call support is probably the most suitable way to get a genuine answer to all your questions related to Arlo cameras.

If you are running Arlo Pro for a time, then you will appreciate it no doubt. Arlo is selling four different kinds of wire-free security cameras. It has always a better experience with the pro as well as pro 2, however, the comparison of five different cameras is extremely helpful. Let’s understand different cameras based on some of the basic features are described below:


Features Arlo Wire-free Arlo Pro Arlo Pro 2 Arlo Ultra Arlo Go
Add-on camera cost $129.68 $169.99 $219.99 299.99 429.00
Resolution 720P 720P 1080P 4k 720P
Night Vision 850 nm LEDs:

Illuminates up to 25 feet IR cut-off filter

Same as arlo wire free


Properties same as arlo wire-free and Arlo pro. Color night vision Properties similar to wire free pro and pro 2 cameras
Field of view 110 degree 130 130 180 130
Motion Detection Yes Yes, PIR Yes, PIR Yes, PIR Yes, PIR
Activity zone With arlo smart With arlo smart Indoor, when plugged in indoor or outdoor When connected in or wireless with arlo smart With arlo smart
Sound detection Not available available available available available
Two-way audio Not available available available available available
Rechargeable Not available yes , 2440 mAh Same as arlo pro 4800 mAh 3306 mAh

Well! After reviewing cameras, like Pro, wire-free, pro 2, etc., are wire-free cameras with arlo ultra. Better information on different arlo camera versions, one needs to join Netgear arlo support.

Three different cameras currently ship depend on the base station that remains connected with ethernet as power. However, cameras communicate with the base station with the aid of wireless protocol. For better information, you can join Arlo Camera Support services into the marketplace.

Other than this, most of the time people ask about the range of arlo camera. Also, a question strikes in mind at how much distance you can place your camera from the base station. Well! The maximum distance to placing via base station is 300 feet, however, the distance is negatively affected by several variables.


Arlo Aesthetics And Compatibility


After reading different reviews before checking pro 2, some points of the conclusion are discussed below:

Before testing Pro 2, I read several reviews as well as forums. Several people indicated that camera is some how different from its predecessor. Arlo Pro 2 camera consists of white ring, however arlo pro consists black ring, due to which camera looks comparatively bigger even though it is not in real. Letter coloring is the only physical differente. Lettering of Arlo pro 2 is metallic, & arlo pro has flat lettering.

As the size of both cameras is same, therefore they use same accessories including indoor power adapters, batteries, solar panels & mounts. They both are managed by arlo app which means you can take control over all your cameras. By the way if you buy Arlo Pro 2 as a starter kit, it will come with base station that is same which ships with arlo pro.


Hope, you understood the significance of Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 cameras. To get a better solution to the problem, we recommend you to give a quick phone call at Arlo Customer Service Number. The team of representatives working together with the aim to deliver viable assistance will always listen to my concerns.

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