Arlo Pro 2 Camera

Arlo Pro 2- An Introduction

The working principle of all home security systems is almost the same. Securing points such as doors, windows as well as interior space consisting of valuables. Regardless of home size, the number of doors, windows & interior rooms, owner of home makes a decision to protect. The DIY home security market becomes more & more competitive having a large number of competitors in the market. Netgear, under the brand Arlo Pro 2 is proving its contendorship as one of the trusted home security systems of the 21st century.

The most important and worth appreciative thing about the camera is its easy setup. It takes very less time( less than an hour) to adjust motion sensitivity.

The feature list of Pro 2

  • Arlo Pro 2 provides a wide angle of 130 degrees with 1080p HD video recording
  • It has Night vision capability, however, the video captured during the day is always great-It meets the desired expectations of clients.
  • Rechargeable batteries powering cameras makes camera set-up very simple process
  • You do not have restrictions of placing arlo pro 2 cameras-Place it indoors or outdoors
  • Two-way communication with built-in speaker & microphone. One can maintain conversation via arlo app.
  • Cloud storage feature is one of the best features.
  • The Arlo App is the most part, very thought out. These are such as settings for video recording length which are buried little deep in menus.

How Does Camera Cost?

The Two-camera set-up will cost you $479 when you take into account the free cloud storage, long-term expense comes out under the competition. Activity zones allow you to set-up where you require motion monitoring, three-second lock, and continuous video recording.


Advantages of Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo App is for the most part very well thought out. There are various items like video settings for video recording length which are buried a bit deep in menus for daily activities-all within a couple of clicks.

  • It is cost-effective, delivers excellent quality and optimized security benefits
  • No hassle of wires, it is quite easy to install.
  • Offers advanced security, trusted assistance and reliable service
  • User-friendly operations, quality optimization.


The description above illustrates the major features and characteristics of Arlo Pro 2. Whether it is your home or business premises, the camera is suitable for both places. If we come to conclude by analyzing all technically advanced features of this camera-All collectively make it as the camera of the 21st century.