September 27, 2018

Get Most Out Of The Best Selling Wire Free Camera Product Arlo Pro 2 with 1080 High Definition Video


Arlo is a famous camera brand offered by Netgear. The company believes in technological advancement; Enhancing physical security and spreading harmony in the global society is the objective that leads production of smart, secure & robust video surveillance cameras.

When it comes to discuss video quality, Arlo Pro 2 with 1080 High Definition Video always beats the competition. It is the reason people give preference to this arlo camera version. A new person will always find difficulty to install, configure and fix errors with the security camera. He can take help from customer support representatives dialing toll-free Arlo Camera Customer Support Number.In this blog, we are going to focus on video quality of arlo pro 2 and other camera versions. Also, you will get to know accessories which come along with it.

Here through some question answers, you will come to know about some basic yet important video customization in arlo camera.

arlo pro2 with 1080 high definition video

How high definition video helps you improve Arlo camera quality?

With new arlo pro & pro 2 versions now you can get more clearer camera pictures. It depends on capacity of your home wireless network that leads your camera send 1080 high definition video to the arlo app.  The video quality and resolution is adjustable manually in all camera versions which can be done by going to video settings.

How to get better picture quality from Arlo camera?

  • To get improved picture quality of arlo cameras, change power management setting to best video
  • Ensure that internet connection has at least 1 mbps upload issue
  • Check, verify and optimize your video streaming related settings in the router if your router supports QOS.
  • Put cameras within base station range
  • Reduce number of networks, wifi devices & transmitted frequencies near cameras.

 Arlo Pro 2 Accessories:

Accessories for Arlo Pro 2 camera are separately sold & require Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2 System

Charging Station( VMA4400C)- For charging Arlo Pro 2 or Arlo Pro, you should use fast charging Arlo station with the help of dual charge bays. With help of this base station, two batteries can be simultaneously recharged which not only save time but also minimizes camera downtime.

Arlo Pro Rechargeable Battery (VMA4400)-Wth arlo pro 2 camera, you get additional 2440 mAh lithium ion battery & power adapter so that batteries can be swapped out easily. In this way thee will be no need for charge.

Arlo Pro Skins (VMA4200)- As an additional add-on a silicon material comes as  camera accessory to protect it from external elements from surroundings. This is available in following two options:

Three in black (VMA4200B, $24.99)

camouflage (VMA4200, $29.99).

Arlo Solar Panel( VMA4600)-This solar panel let your arlo pro or arlo pro 2 camera battery charged in a few hours.

Hope, you understood better the pros & cons of most demanding and technologically advanced new age Arlo camera products.  No doubt, Arlo Pro 2 camera will enhance your experience and make you, your family and business protected from thefts & mishappenings.

Arlo Technical Support Phone Number is always a beneficial mean to get updated with new features, limitations and possible ways to recover technical issues with the camera.

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