August 25, 2018

How Arlo Pro 2 Comes Into More Influential Picture Than Previous Versions?


Great features are now associated with Arlo Pro 2 camera which not only overcome limitations of Arlo Pro but also put this camera version among top security equipment.

Some of the camera features are described below:

A wider field of view: In comparison to Arlo Pro, now you can get 20 degrees wider than Alro Pro. Every shot will help you capture a broader view of each & every shot.

Full HD 1080 resolution: High video imaging quality can be identified with this new Arlo Pro 2 camera version. Crisp and clear image with high quality.

Look Back: Arlo Pro 2 has the capability to record moments of three seconds back once the motion is detected. This new feature was introduced in the camera with an aim to help users don’t miss even a single shot before the start of any motion.

Activity Zones: User is allowed to select & customize up to three rectangular activity zones to be focused by Arlo Pro 2 camera. Detection of motion in areas other than the zone area does not trigger video recordings. Activity zones get disabled automatically when the camera isn’t plugged in. Neither there’s requirement of any paid subscription plan to run activity zones.

Continuous Video Recording: Pro 2 is capable of continuous video recording(CVR) based on an optional CVR plan. The CVR mode gets disabled when the camera isn’t plugged.

Multiple Charging Options: Either use a rechargeable battery or plug camera in a power outlet or separately connect it to Arlo solar panel.

Key advantages:

  • Introduction of the Pre-buffering feature in Arlo Pro 2 is also helpful in minimizing latency between motion detection & video initiation.
  • Highly sensitive sound & motion detection feature
  • Certified with IP65, & it can resist all external weather elements like sun, rain, chill, heat etc.
  • Two-way audio help users to have an open conversation via smartphone
  • In availability of dim light, the camera can see owing to night vision technology.
  • Smart security siren, local backup storage & free cloud storage facility of one-week data.

Let’s discuss some Arlo Pro 2 icons displayed on the screen of the device. It is very important for you to have knowledge of each & every icon if you want to operate the camera optimally.

Audio detection Grey icon– Means audio detection is disabled

Black icon- Means audio detection is enabled

Orange IconMeans camera is detecting sound

Motion Detection Grey icon- Motion Detection is disabled

Black icon-Motion Detection is enabled

Orange Icon-Camera is detecting Motion


Wifi Signal Strength It reveals wifi signal strength between camera & base station
USB device Grey icon- No USB connected

Black icon- USB device is connected

Orange Icon- Video is recorded to USB device

Battery The battery icon visible at the top right of camera display shows the charged status of the battery.
Live Feed Taping it, live feed can be seen
Recordings Tapping it, one can view recordings

A Short About Camera Batteries

Arlo Pro 2 batteries work accurately without any interruption for the time being the camera is close to room temperature. Yes! Variation in temperature range can directly impact inaccuracy of battery level display.

Room Temperature range– (65 to 75 °Fahrenheit or 18 to 24 °Celcius)

Other conditions under which battery level is not up to date are discussed below:

  • It’s too long that your camera is outside the room temperature
  • Frequently user have to access video streaming
  • The camera is likely to come near the end range of operating temperature


1: The actual level of the battery can only be less than it is indicated; It can’t be more than the displayed estimate.

2: If the camera base station is offline, the battery icon is hidden.

Let’s understand battery percentage levels through the icons given below in the image:

Arlo pro2 battery level

In case the battery powered camera is plugged in, icons will be displayed according to the image given below:

Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera Phone Number

Hope, reading the blog you’re able to understand advanced features and important characteristics of Arlo pro 2 camera version. However, a lot of things are still remaining which will be discussed in our coming blogs.  To know more information on pro2 version, or fix some issues with the same you can take help from customer support representatives dialing toll-free Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera Phone Number.

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