November 28, 2018

Know the Arlo Back-Up Rules By Dialing Arlo Pro Support Phone Number

Arlo Pro Support Phone Number

Configure the Base Station of Arlo Pro with the Local storage Drive for Backup

All security data entered by Arlo is stored on the cloud, so that whenever it is needed anyone can download data from anywhere. You can save a soft copy of security data by using the USB storage device along with the Arlo Pro base station. If you want to keep the local backup of your Arlo camera, then you should read this blog. Here you will know the process of setting on the USB storage device with the base station of Arlo camera. Arlo Pro Support Phone Number is also a great option to get the relevant information.

Establishing local storage with Arlo pro base station automatically stores data recorded by the beginning of the triggers. All triggered data is saved on the local USB storage drive by default, whereas all manually registered data is saved only in the cloud storage. Arlo camera record for both the USB & cloud storage while Arlo and base stations are connected with the power outlet and internet connection.

When the internet connection is interrupted, the camera may stop saving the recorded data on the cloud but will continue to save the data to a local USB storage device. Thus, installing a local storage drive will save the recorded data, even if there is no Internet connection.

When the user’s local USB storage device is out of space, anyone can use the Arlo pro app for receiving the notification. Users can opt to auto-overwrite the local USB storage drive when all storage space is filled up. The auto overwrites command deletes the previous data automatically when the available storage space is less than twenty percent.

Know the hardware requirements to use the USB storage

● USB storage drive with the smallest storage space of 100 to 200 MB. If Arlo is establishing around high traffic area, it can often trigger and as a result. The number of videos may be recorded during the day. In such a situation, you may need a large storage capacity USB device. If you can not afford too much USB drives, then you can choose auto to overwrite option.
● The base station for Arlo Pro

To configure the settings of Arlo Pro on the local USB storage device with the base station of Arlo Pro

● First, you need to connect the USB storage with any ports.
● Now, log-in to your Arlo account.
● Enter the log-in credentials & click on the log-in.
● After that, on the home page, Arlo corresponding A/C will open.
● Then click on the menu option.
● From the menu option, click on the settings
● Then click on My devices option
● Now, you need to choose the Arlo base station to add the local outer USB storage drive.
● Also. you need to click on the local storage option.
● Into the local storage, you will see the previous file data. If you want to delete all the data of the previous file, then you need to follow some other steps & also, you can dial Arlo Pro Support Phone Number.
● You need to click on the USB drive which you want to remove.
● Then, click on the format USB device option.
● Also, make sure that the USB device has been deleted during the formatting process. In case the drive has removed between the formatting procedure, then it will damage & will not be in reusable provisions.
● If you are not interested to delete your previous data file, then you need to go back into the setting. And click on the turn-off Auto overwrite.

Hopefully, the above information will helpful for you to configure the Base station of Arlo Pro with the local storage drive for back-up. In case, you find the above information is not beneficial to you, then get the essential information from the support team via Arlo tech support number. Also, to the better information about Arlo security camera kindly visit the website

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