November 14, 2018

What Is the Ideal Place for Mounting Arlo Security Camera?


What Is The Suitable Position and Alignment For Mounting Arlo Security Light?

Arlo Security Light is a world-class security camera version, & product offered by Netgear. It meets advance security needs, and very easy to install & maintain too. Arlo Security Lights are wire-free, therefore one can very easily mount them anyplace.  If you place security light camera anywhere in the range of arlo bridge, then it will perform very well. Use it 6-12 feet above from the ground, tilt it down towards the area of traffic forth across sense path of light. It is an Arlo Security Camera version is getting extremely popular among the clients.

Mounting Arlo Security Light

Home, Home Within Range, Where Bridge & the Arlo Light Play

Well! You have decided to choose Arlo Security light. No doubt, it is your right move. It will help you safeguard your premises at night. While placing it, first of all, you should keep in mind is the range of bridge hub. Wherever you place wire-free cameras, but the bridge should be kept indoors & connected to an elevated electrical outlet. These cameras are not supported with camera bases of Arlo Pro 2.

See the information related to arlo bridge given below:

  • Signal range of arlo bridge has 100 feet, that is too smaller than base station of pro 2 cameras.
  • It uses WI-FI rather than ethernet for internet connection.

Deciding A suitable Space for Arlo Security Light 

Mount at height, with tilt-Well! We mentioned at starting of the blog, that the ideal distance range to place security light cameras is 6 to 12 feet. Also, tilt it slightly downwards if you want to capture moments very clearly. You can place it at entryways, backyards and across the edges of your home.

Keep distance- However, the camera has high audio & video sensitivity. Still, it has a specific range where it performs well. It will capture moments very clearly with the distance range of 5-20 feet. If you want a security light camera to place on the front door, then place it on pillar facing towards the walkway.

Do not let Sensor Overlap- If you use other Arlo Security Camera along with the security light, then make sure that motion sensors of both cameras do not overlap one another.

Note: During the daylight, these cameras may not work properly, still you will receive the notification of motion detection on your phone.

Hope, this post is very helpful for you. You can join our service staff making the call at Arlo Camera Tech Support Phone Number. Here, you will receive even more effective results. Arlo experts having profound experience & extensive knowledge will resolve your concern.

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