Arlo Security Light Camera

Arlo Security Light Camera - An Introduction

Arlo cameras are Netgear’s world-class security products that work very efficiently to improve home security optimally. With Arlo Security light to work intelligently by itself with Arlo Security Camera Systems in order to cover even different angles. Arlo Support works quite appropriately to help you know about all kinds of features, characteristics and work efficiency of different arlo versions like arlo pro, pro2, arlo q, arlo go, arlo security light, arlo baby, etc. The Arlo Security Light comes along with outstanding home security capabilities.

Arlo Security Light

Arlo Security Lights are wireless. One can easily mount them anywhere within arlo bridge which controls them, however, the most suitable area to place is six to 12 feet above the ground. Tilt is down on space where foot traffic is populated always.

Smart Features-Arlo Security Light


100% percent wire-free- Free of power cords & wiring hassles. One can place it anywhere

Can be customized very easily– Customization can be done according to the user’s preferences. Switch on or off the flash, adjust the width of the beam and change colors.

Weather resistant- Holds IP65 certification and can withstand indoors, outdoors, sun rain or cold.

Scheduling- Automate light when you’re at work, on leave or at home.

Rechargeable battery-Rechargeable battery goes for long.

Works with Arlo camera system- Customized recording of arlo camera after detection of light

Smart controls- Using arlo app for managing & automating light from anywhere

LED light with different colors-Millions of color options to choose for security & ambiance lighting

Motion detection alerts-Quick notification to be sent on email

IFTTT integration-Automation can be customized through smart home devices

400 lumens-Super brightness up to 400 lumens.

You can get important details and information on specific features taking assistance from Arlo Tech Support Executives.

Advantages of Arlo Security Light


One can get most out of a home security system-

Create a security ecosystem with the use of automated interaction between arlo security light & arlo security cameras. Customize arlo cameras in order to start video recording once motion detected by arlo security light camera.

Least to miss & a lot to cover-

Alro lights & cameras are not attached with one another, therefore they can go where they’re needed most. They work together amazingly also in case they are separated.

*Excellent security & Better coverage- 

The area of motion detection increases when you’ve lights & cameras in various corners of the property. 

*Outstanding battery life-

Arlo light runs on their own battery to work very efficiently & effectively. 

*One can get more without extra fees-

No need to pay a service charge or annual fees. One can add so many security lights without upgrading the current plan.

*Attain more ways to mix & match-

No specific camera is attached with arlo light, therefore you can assemble it with arlo camera as per best of your convenience.

Accessories that come along with Arlo Security Light 

  • Wire-free smart security light
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Power adapter & cable
  • Arlo bridge for indoor usage
  • Window decal
  • Outdoor security mount & screw set
  • Quick start guide