November 13, 2018

Have a Quick Look at Netgear Solar Panel for Arlo Go & Pro Versions

Arlo Solar Panel

How Netgear Arlo Solar Panel is the best utility to power Arlo Pro & Arlo Go Camera?

Netgear is an Industry leader in the field of home & commercial security. It keeps introducing new security products from time to time in order to meet the specific demands of users. It introduced Solar panel as a mean to make possible coit & real-time consultation on solar panel issues, one can take help from experts making a call at Arlo Technical Support Number. In this blog, significant features of arlo solar panel are described.

The amount of power energy which Arlo Solar Panel can generate basically depends on different factors like average exposure from sun, tilt angle, dust, dirt, etc. A solar panel placed in the same location may generate the different amount of energy at noon of December & June.

Important: If you connect arlo solar panel to arlo pro & arlo GO camera, then you need not to charge your battery again.

The solar panel by Netgear utilizes power from the sun, & with the sunlight of only a few hours, it charges the battery of Arlo Pro & Arlo Go cameras.

Let’s discuss accessories that come with arlo pro camera:

  1. Solar Panel
  2. 6 ft. (1.8 m) power cable
  3. Mount & Mounting screw kit
  4. Quick Start guide
  5. Window Decal

Bonus Arlo Solar Panel

  • One of the first monitoring cameras which can be used on a mobile network & operate completely wire-free.
  • It is also weather resistant. It has water & dust resistance of IP65.
  • No need of professional installation, as it sets up in moments at several places
  • The user can receive alerts on their phone when audio/motion is sensed by Netgear Arlo Go LTE camera.
  • It uses 1 GB data per month depending upon 5 minutes of recording every day. 

What is The Suitable Arrangement of Arlo Solar Panel to Get Sunlight in Abundance?


You need to follow the below-mentioned procedure in order to optimize the effectiveness of solar panel:

  • Find out the location where solar panel receives sunlight in abundance. Also, try to avoid places which remain in shade for a significant period during the day.
  • Either mount solar panel towards exactly towards north or south.
  • Tilt it to the appropriate angle of latitude.
  • You can take help of simply solar app to get right orientation & tilt angle.

Hope, you liked our blog related to arlo solar panel. In case there is any query, you can contact our arlo experts making a call at customer care representatives. You can get right answers to following questions related to arlo camera:

  • How does solar panel work?
  • How to configure it correctly?
  • Where one can use arlo solar panel?
  • How solar panel is an energy efficient source and many other.

Other than this, you can also get relevant suggestion to know which camera version or product will be suitable for your premises.

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