August 9, 2018

How Netgear’s Arlo Pro is An Able Home Camera System?


Everyone is concerned about security both in residential or commercial premises. If you have to pass your busy business life in worry of physical security, then it is the time to make a solid plan to feel free from this concern. Hope you heard of Arlo & its security system. It is a new age security system which provides a complete security solution with its advanced features.

When the discussion is about home security systems, the Arlo provides best solutions through various camera models. The purpose is to fulfill varying security requirements of users, which keep changing according to factors like place, location, quality, and technology.

Arlo Pro Enables Advanced Security

What is Arlo Pro?

It is one of the Netgear security camera product with some specialized smart features.

How Smart is Arlo Pro?

 Yes! We can say that Arlo Pro security camera is smart because of its smarter features making it quite easy to detect, analyze & take quick actions on any kind of unusual thing captured in the security span of the camera.

It is completely Wireless: It’s free from hassles of wires & cords, therefore can be easily fixed & mounted anywhere.

Rechargeable batteries: Wire-free pro cameras by Arlo are operated by batteries which can be recharged their depletion. This feature makes it cost-friendly as disposable batteries need to be replaced once they get depleted. With the use of separate pro charging station, you can charge batteries separately without putting down cameras from their installation point.

Caution: Batteries should not be charged outdoors.

Completely Weatherproof( IP65 certified): No sprinkles of water, heavy rain showers, hot sun rays and cold weather can affect the functioning of the camera.

Two-way audio feature: Featured with high-quality speakers & microphones, the cameras give facility to record both audio & video. Even you can talk through the speaker with help of Arlo app. Sensitivity level for both audios and videos can be customized via Arlo web interface or app.

Flexible Power options: You can select either wired or wireless option to power your cameras.  Such cameras can be connected to AC outlet without using batteries.

Caution: Don’t use a power adaptor or cable outdoors as they aren’t weatherproof.

Compatibility with other Arlo products and accessories: Now, new pro cameras can be synchronized with the current base station and vice versa. Any models & versions of cameras are compatible with one another.

Other features like Video with HD Quality, One Week Free recording Facility on Cloud and Night vision technology also illustrate smartness of Arlo pro.

What is Base Station Benefits From Arlo Pro?

Netgear’s Arlo understands the value of your belongings and keeps making efforts to introduce some new features which can add more convenience to the users and lessen the complexities. Brilliant HD video quality, live streaming, cloud recording, and many other features (All are already mentioned above) put it into the category of smart Arlo security product.

But no everyone knows about the benefits of pro camera that are associated with the base station.  Let’s discuss some major benefits:

  • With the base station, the Arlo cameras can get maximum possible battery life.
  • Its base station has 100db siren which gets activated promptly as an alarming notification as soon as motion is detected in the camera.
  • Base station creates its own network due to which, home wifi cannot be bogged down.
  • In the case of spacious home premises, the wireless coverage extent of the camera can be increased by adding the second base station.
  • USB local storage to hold a backup of Arlo recordings, that are automatically sent to USB drive & cloud in the base station

What is an Alternative to set-up Arlo base station in absence of ethernet connection?

Sometimes the user doesn’t have an ethernet connection for placing base station. In such cases, wifi to ethernet bridges or Netgear powerline adapters is used for placing Arlo base station.

Going through the description mentioned above, we come to the conclusion that Arlo Pro can be a trusted home security product for you. Hope, you got a clear understanding of the motive behind the description. In case you have any doubt, you can take quick help from experts making a call at Arlo Pro Support Phone Number