October 8, 2019

Arlo Base Station Reset Procedure is on Your Fingertips Now

Well, we all know that what’s Arlo is. If you don’t know, let’s brief yourself with some introduction to Arlo.

Arlo Technologies is an automation company home that makes incredible wireless security cameras. This was once considered as a brand by Netgear. Arlo Pro has delivered approximately 11.7 million security cameras with 2.85 million registered users as per February 2019. These users generate an average excess of 88 million videos streaming daily.

With these cameras, you can view & record HD videos live at anytime, anywhere. You just need to sign in the Arlo account either via installed Arlo application or by visiting the arlo.com login web portal. Then, enter your email id and password. Lastly, click on Login.

The Arlo cameras offer protection for what matters the most with enhanced night vision, panoramic vision field, and integrated spotlight, noise cancellation features.

Now, come on the main thing that we would like to share with you via this article, How to reset Arlo Base Station. Follow the procedure step by step to reset Arlo Base Station to the default values. A factory reset process returns your Arlo base station values to default settings by removing the serial number from the Arlo account.

  • Press & hold Reset by using a straightened paperclip or a pen on the base station back for about 10 seconds approximately. Then, wait for completing the process of the base station.
  • After the base station reset process completion, the front base station LED flashes amber. The base station is rebooting at the time of LEDs stop flashing amber. The procedure of resetting the base station also eliminates it from the account of Arlo.
  • When both Internet and Power LEDs flash solid green, then click on the Arlo icon on the mobile device or any other handset. Execute the process of the Arlo application login through my.arlo.com from any browser or installed the Arlo application.
  • Click on New System Setup.
  • Sequentially follow all the instructions displayed on-screen without skipping any step.

If the Arlo camera is offline after switching to a new router or making changes to the Internet network, then press & release Sync on the Arlo Base Station or Arlo SmartHub.

There’s another process to solve this problem of Arlo camera is offline.

  • Unplug the Arlo camera and remove its battery.
  • Insert the battery again and check out the behavior of the camera LED when its door is closed.

Assure that the battery is installed inside it in the correct orientation or the battery isn’t dead if the LED doesn’t light.

If you are stuck in the issues of Arlo, then execute the below instructions to Arlo Troubleshooting with the Arlo mobile application:

➢  Make sure that the operating system of the mobile device gets the minimum requirement.

  • Ensure that the Apple device has iOS version 11.0 or above.
  • Ensure that the Android device has Android version 5.0 or above. download/update it to the latest Arlo Android application version if not.

Note: Prior to the Arlo application install, make sure that the mobile device is updated by installing all the updates needed.

➢ Make sure that you have an excellent connection with the Internet.

❏ Use 4 Mbps for Arlo Pro 3 and Ultra cameras.

❏ Use 1 Mbps for all the other Arlo cameras.

➢  Try to uninstall the Arlo application and reinstall it if you are facing crashes frequently on the Arlo application.

➢  Other applications installed on the mobile device may also cause frequent crashes of the Arlo application.

❏  Run multiple applications utilize device resources that cause applications to crash or to perform poorly.

❏ Try to stop or turn off service to other applications that run if the Arlo application crashes.

We assure you that our Arlo Troubleshooting process will definitely help you to get rid of any problem in a matter of minutes.

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